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The "chair" or "the sitting place", in its various forms, designs, constructions, and surface decoration, is not only an item of utility and comfort but also intended to be a core part of any décor.

Antique seating with its uniqueness, long-established craftsmanship and surface detailing (e.g. grain of wood, inlay, marquetry, carving etc.) provides added character, luxury and style to an existing décor (be it traditional or contemporary). It can even shape how the rest of a room may be furnished or decorated. This is the philosophy of The Sitting Place®.

The Sitting Place® is an online business born out of a passion and keen eye for desirable antique seating furniture and an appreciation of traditional upholstery as a highly skilled trade.

The Sitting Place® offers for sale beautiful traditionally re-upholstered and other items of quality antique seating dating from the 1800s and early 1900s.

High standard re-upholstering is done in-house using only traditional methods, materials, fillings and in-keeping with the item in question. This is combined with very carefully chosen designer fabrics that complement the period, style, features and show wood of every particular item of antique seating furniture. The end result is timeless, appealing and superior re-upholstered antique seating furniture, ready to embellish any home as a focal point within any room. Expert restoration is also performed, when required.

The Sitting Place® does not arrange private viewing of its stock. All stock is clearly illustrated on The Sitting Place® website and a condition report is also provided for every item. Please e-mail us if you have any queries.

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Note on Product Safety

The "product" refers to an item of antique seating furniture that pre-dates 1950 and is offered for sale by The Sitting Place®.

The Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) Regulations of 1988 (as amended), sets levels of fire resistance for, amongst others, domestic upholstered furniture. Under these regulations, furniture made before 1 January 1950 and, materials for upholstery of furniture made before 1 January 1950 are excluded from controls.

Traditional re-upholstery of antique seating furniture sold by The Sitting Place® is done using natural coconut husk ginger coir, 100% pure animal hair, fire retardant (FR) cotton unbleached calico, inherently flame retardant woolsafe felt barrier cloth (Schedule 3, Crib 5) complying with British Standards BS 5852 ignition source 5, and FR 50% cotton/50% polyester black bottom cloth. No foam fillings are used.

The finishing fabric name and manufacturer is given for each product. Specific information on the fabric may be found on the respective manufacturer's website.

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Note on packaging used on the product

The "product" refers to an item of antique seating furniture that pre-dates 1950 and is offered for sale by The Sitting Place®.

Each product when delivered is wrapped in Jiffy Furni-SOFT and then in extra strong and heavy duty shrink wrap. The latter is manufactured in the UK and contains a minimum of 30% recycled content. Paper tape marking "Fragile" is also used.

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